Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


This world is a dualistic holographic reality. What you see ‘out there’, is most definitely ‘in here’. Your shadow consists of the pieces of you that you have not been willing, or able to look at or accept. These are the repressed pieces of you ~ they are parts of you that you have been judged for and then hidden, judged others for and are in denial of within yourself, or pieces that have been traumatized and therefore easily forgotten or overlooked. Your shadow will present itself to you however it is able to, to be re-integrated into your soul matrix. Some of the ways it will present itself to you is:

1) Through dreams and visions (keep a journal or log of your dreams!)

2) Through illness, dis-ease, or other messages from your body (listen closely to what it has to say, better yet, initiate communication with it!)

3) Through situations outside of yourself (involving animals, accidents, deaths, etc)

4) Through people who you have contracted with on higher levels of reality to show you these pieces and ‘act it out’ for you

Anything that does not sit well with you or that emotionally triggers you, is telling you that there is a piece of you waiting to be acknowledged, embraced and integrated. This is a reflective reality and so as soon as this re-integration is achieved, via the hologram, everything ‘out there’ is changed as well. Once it reflects your inner alteration, you are no longer stuck in a holding pattern and then have the missing link and therefore a new level of free will to make new decisions rather than repeating and replaying the old ones. This allows you to create a new and uplifted reality for yourself. When you change you, the feedback system changes as well.

One of the best and most simple tools I utilize is Forgiveness.

1) First and foremost, forgiveness of self ~ for allowing this situation into my life; for not making better choices; for not walking away sooner; for not loving myself enough and accepting this into my world; etc.

2) Then forgiveness of the ‘other’ ~ who agreed to, and co-created the situation so you could learn and make better choices (if you truly understand the nature of this game, this will end up being gratitude for bringing this awareness and these pieces of you back to you!). If you did not allow it into your life in the first place (bad programming), the law of attraction would not have brought them into your life to fulfill the role that they have played for you.

It is all about bringing ourselves to wholeness. All truly is a gift waiting to be received.


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