REALity and Illusions


For every lie you tell yourself there is one told to you. Every time you lie to yourself, it creates the exact same lie as you perpetuate your own false story to those around you. You then have it reflected back to you via the Laws that govern our Universe. Subconsciously we all know these Universal Laws and therefore when we tell ourselves (and consequently others) lies or half truths, we know this will return to us. This is why we eat and ‘fill holes’ to cushion ourselves for the backlash we know we will receive from ‘out there’.

Thin people are generally truthful. Large people generally have a harder time telling their truth. Even if something is a lie to YOU, if someone is telling THEIR truth, they will stay thin. If one’s life is built on a perpetuation of illusions and lies from those that they love, even if they are skewed in their perception, as long as they are telling their truth, they will remain thin. This is why there are people in the world who can eat whatever they want, and not gain a pound ~ they speak their truth and therefore don’t use food to fill any voids within. The energy put into the food that they are consuming is completely different and therefore reflects a different result.

Tell YOUR truth to bring YOUR own veils down. The age of the perpetuation of lies and ‘his-tory’ is now over. It is 2013 ~ the YEAR OF THE GODDESS, when SHE rises in every one of us to tell ‘her-story’. Are we open enough to receive her? Are we done with our control mechanisms and the rape of our emotional selves? Are we willing to stop DOing and give ourselves the Space to BE, to receive Her?

Since this is a holographic reality, every time you put something ‘out there’ you create it coming back to you from seemingly, ‘out there’, but you are experiencing your own echo…’do unto others’ is a LAW in our universe, a commandment that we each make with every word we speak, and every action we take.

I believe there is something very backwards about the adage ‘you create your own reality’. Reality just IS. TRUTH is. It is truly most accurate to say ‘you create your own illusions.’ This is the time of the unwinding…the unveiling. Our masculine minds alone will NOT be able to take this transition. Logic will not understand how creation works until it is reverse engineered within self. As long as we are willing to go deep enough to truly feel again, the sacred space in our hearts will do the work, we just have to BE AWARE. BE truthful. BE receptive. BE open. And SHARE. Only then is the true work we all came here to do truly done. After moving through the experience(s), the Void, the birth canal of our Great Mother – trusting and surrendering to our own Divinity, we will be able to understand and make logical sense out of it. Until then, we are stuck in the 4th dimensional construct of illusion and dogmatic beliefs. The truth WILL set you free. If each and every one of us change ONE thing, and told the truth about that ONE aspect of ourselves. We would change the lives of every single person we come in contact with. We would be a tuning fork for the new earth to take shape. We would all have a hand in changing the world and uplifting this reality to create Heaven on Earth. It really is that easy. This is the age of self responsibility, self awareness; the age of light, truth and the new dawn. How can we evolve if we do not know ourselves? Involution ALWAYS precedes true evolution. It is time to graduate now. And we do this by being whole. By integrating our Shadow with everything that we already know that we are, we KNOW THYSELF, as all the masters say.

Only you can perpetuate your own illusion. Only you can truly feel the truth within you, to be able to free yourself from the façade of the masks and falsities. Confession. The church did not have it so ‘wrong’ afterall. We were given a blueprint and it was distorted in the hands of the patriarchy, and therefore ALL religions were given a bad name. Does this sound familiar? All of our judgments and stereotyping that has limited the rest of humanity?? Religion itself isn’t a bad thing, it is the manipulative forces within each of us that distort the true freedom we are all given as a birthright. Patriarchal religions that have reigned their control over most of humanity are merely reflecting that which we are hiding and avoiding looking at within ourselves. When are we going to look WITHIN and speak OUR truth? As long as we don’t, the lie, ‘out there’ will continue to be perpetuated. You focus on all the starving children in the world? Go within and recognize the pieces of your very own inner child that you have starved in order to support the illusions that were given to you! You focus on waters and how polluted they are? Go within and recognize the toxic pieces of you in your blood that you and your ancestors have perpetuated! You focus on all of the atrocities created by the patriarch within the Vatican? Go within and find that greedy, fearful and controlling piece of the masculine that is suppressing your feminine self!


It is ALL a play. The entire world is a stage, playing out for YOU and your Universe. The dark side wants to be healed, and to release these patterns now. It is those that are in judgment, those that point ‘out there’, not willing to go deep enough ‘in here’, that are actually perpetuating the lies and illusions.

BE the change. Sit and BE with yourself. Tell yourself the truth. Get REAL. Once you do this, SHARE it with others. Tell truth to those that you have affected with the illusions you have created (the lies). Tell those who have similar patterns to you, who have been brought into your life through the law of attraction, to have you share this truth with them. By doing this you empower yourself and others with true free will and set everyone on a path to speak and know their own truths again.



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