The Stargate in Your Heart


Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations ‘out there’. All that you need you already have within!!! Anyone selling you any other keys is a distraction from the wholeness of TRUTH. This may be exactly what some people came here to experience in different moments of time, however why waste your linear time getting a piece of the pie when the whole pie is waiting to be discovered within? Your heart is THE WAY. We have ALL done this before!! NONE of the is new. Allow yourself the Sacred Space to open the keys that are built into your heart ~ collapse the illusion of timelines and linear reality because in true REAL-ity it is all happening NOW! There is NO separation outside of illusion. 26 000 years is a long time to endlessly repeat the program and adopted scripts to gain the experience required to lead to our eventual quantum leap in evolution ~ which is this NOW moment.

The shortcut IS the heart, where wholeness is easily integrated because our Souls re-member everything and embrace ALL aspects of Creation as ONE! On the level of the Soul there is NO JUDGMENT. All just IS. The ego AND the Soul are ONE being! It is the mental construct (ancestral belief system) of the ego that is in denial of the greatness of all that it is ~ you must really allow yourself to FEEL, rather than ‘think’, to make it through your own self-made walls and veils of illusion. It is time to wake up all of the dormant pieces within which allow us to truly experience peace and bliss. This is the way we bridge Heaven and Earth. We still have 2000 years of linear time to achieve this through repeated incarnations. We most certainly do not have to wait that long to die to the ego and resurrect the Soul in our physical form, nor take on that many bodies to accomplish this task.


You create a powerful and eternal magnetic field from the Sacred Space in your heart so that you are constantly and consistently THE point of benevolent attraction. How do you do this? By being authentic and living in your truth in each and every moment. You will not create or perpetuate any veils over your eyes via your heart if you are always speaking FROM your heart in truth and authenticity. In doing this you will not attract any new lessons, because in the very same moment of true resolution you are simultaneously cleaning up your old lessons out of the feedback system of 3D Earth!

To break through the stronghold of the overnourished mind/ego to free yourself from 4D astral constructs (archaic and dogmatic beliefs, faulty structures and foundations, dualistic dreams/nightmares, etc) ~ GO WITHIN! Find and embrace ALL that is YOU! Integrate the duality within your mind to create the ONE-ness within yourself. Release your veils through making new and uplifted choices, eliminate your habits and addictions, stay focused and distraction free, and then ALL-ways act out of the joy that is found radiating from your heart. Your veils are your wounds. Heal them and heal your world. The REALness of you is where it’s at!



Authentic….True….You. This is the Ascension in physical form. No teachers with human egos are required once you are truly living and responding from your heart – unless you deem it so. YOU are your own guru, your Soul is your compass, the Universe is your Divine blueprint, and your heart is the Stargate where all of the action takes place! 5D all the way baby! Unity consciousness in effect.


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