A Perspective on Solar Flares

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After reading the article linked below, my intuition tells me that if we Lightworkers want to make a significant impact in our world, it would be beneficial to go to public venues and shine brightly on days when we have solar flares. Since we are always focused on the quality of our channels we are able to hold more light in our physical bodies. The impact of benevolence for doing the same thing on a day with solar flares could be ten-fold! As they say..timing is EVERYTHING!


“Our world functions by energy, and I am not referring to electric, oil and gas. Everything on earth has a certain vibrational frequency, from rocks to minerals such as quartz crystals. Even grass and trees, as well as animals and humans, work on vibrations and frequencies; this is reason why homeopathic medicine is so very powerful: it positively utilizes these vibrational energies for healing. According to NASA, the sun is currently moving towards another solar maximum, likely in 2013. The evidence suggests that increased solar activity activates suppressed jealousy, anger, and fear in people’s minds, whether conscious or unconscious. If people have not been working on healing these issues, the issues become stronger during times of abnormal solar activity. This being said, people become the receivers and the vibrational imbalance they create is being playing out though violence and fear.”

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