I truly feel that our humanity would benefit greatly by focusing on our emotions (energy in motion), or lack thereof. Our emotions are a benevolent GIFT and one of our most powerful tools to navigate our Creation. We are individually and collectively afraid to feel because then maybe we will be inspired to speak our truth and therefore remove veils, causing us take action to change. In a judgmental world, who wants to do that? Until now, it seems we would rather numb ourselves to truth and live in illusion.

Feeling just ‘is’. In a dualistic world you must be open to feeling both the perceived good and bad to reach wholeness. If you shut down your feeling center to what you perceive is ‘bad’ for you based on conditioning and dogma rather than your own heart based resonance, you also shut down the feeling of what is ‘good’ for you, losing your natural inherent guidance system. We need to be self empowered to choose for ourselves what is acceptable or not acceptable, not look to newspapers, tv and other people’s versions of truth for our reality unless it resonates with us at a core level. However we can *only* know this resonance through the experience of FEELING.

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“Emotions are the lifeblood of the soul. If they are on the decline, so is humanity.”


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