Health Benefits of Chlorophyll:

  1. Anti Carcinogenic
  2. Antioxidant & Anti-inflammatory
  3. Chelation of Heavy Metals
  4. Anti-Candida
  5. Treats Bad Breath
  6. Wound Healing & Antiseptic
  7. Rapid Delivery of Magnesium
  8. Contains vitamin K, C, folic acid, iron, calcium, protein (which are all also essential in building and repairing red blood cells and boosting our immune system.)


“What is the most essential substance that our body uses to build and transport red blood cells? Hemoglobin.

So it makes sense that we should, somehow, give our body hemoglobin! “But how?” I hear you ask.

“Chlorophyll”, I answer.”



“Eating/drinking liquid chlorophyll can increase the quality AND quantity of your red blood cells. Chlorophyll has the power to regenerate our bodies at the molecular and cellular level.”

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