666 in 2013

It is not in every year that we have a day representing the energy of the pattern 666. Not only do we have one of those days this year, we have three days that will represent this energy in the month of June 2013.


Not believing in good or bad per se, I know this will be an enormous bundle of energy that most of humanity will (consciously or subconsciously) reject based on the pretense that it is ‘bad’, or ‘cursed’, or ‘evil’, or related to any other dogma alive in our collective consciousness. I am putting it out there to the Universe that I will be a channel for all of the rejected energy and will direct it towards the greatest good of all as I utilize it to reach my own full positive potential. ENERGY JUST IS. I will take all that I can receive in order to accomplish my tasks in the Divine Plan, and I am hoping to inspire others to open their minds and hearts to realize that ALL energy is sacred, and therefore, a gift. It is how we interpret it and then use it, that makes it ‘bad or good’, ‘black or white’. If you have integrity there is no-thing to fear! Ever. The fact we do not explore these taboos and choose to leave them untapped and unmapped in our consciousness allows others to continue creating illusions based on fear and control in our ignorance. Once we understand energy more closely, we may begin harnessing it to empower ourselves into reaching more benevolent outcomes than we have ever previously experienced. This is how we will take our power back and become the bridge to bring more and more of Heaven to Earth.


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2 thoughts on “666 in 2013

  1. […] This June we have THREE dates with the energy of 666 that move into a 999 spiral (this is not something necessarily ‘common’ to occur in any given year…I wrote about this in a previous post as well..). Is this perhaps Prophecy coming to fruition? Your interpretation of it depends on where one is standing and perceiving from. The Patriarch would consider the Feminine ‘the beast’, and considering Instanbul represents this energy on Earth (according to the Arcturian Crystal Healing Tree of Life), with the 666′s (representing the sign of the beast? or is it Adam Kadmon? or the Feminine?) coming up this month (June). With the first triple six spiral being June 6, 2013, the timing for these riots is nothing short of ‘interesting’ to me. I practice Mystical Numerology and I am half Turkish, making this significantly more interesting, and personal to me. 666 represents guilt/shame/doing things for the wrong reasons (not for the reasons of the heart..); 999 represents completion; transformation through humanity in a LARGE way. Keep in mind the three key day in June: are June 6, June 15, and June 24. Here is a link to the previous post about June 2013 https://interdimensionalgoddess.wordpress.com/2013/05/04/666-in-2013/ […]

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