A Fine Line From Cocoon to Empowerment


Ego and pride will keep us from perceiving and recognizing where we are acting and being through the lens of Victim consciousness. We all express it differently, and fool ourselves creatively, but it is all there waiting to be Discovered. Until the butterfly recognizes that it has actually trapped itself in the cocoon, a temporary cage, it cannot focus intention to free itself and reach its fullest and highest potentials. When did you become a victim in your life? How are you unconsciously perpetuating this pattern in your life Now? Once upon a time this was your cushion, your safe cocoon, and the RIGHT choice for you at that time. Be grateful for the purpose it served and move on to tell a new story. New choices need to be made Now; this does not deny the validity of all of your choices for experience leading up to Now. When you embrace it, you erase it. Otherwise you fight a perpetual war within.  Sharing is caring and laughter heals. Be easy on yourself and be-come Humble enough to hear ALL of your Messengers. In truth every single moment is a Divine Message. Be Aware.

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