Do You Care?


Do you remember being a child? Do you remember how you came into this life caring about EVERYTHING? Do you still care the same way? If not, why? I am sure most of us have been criticized and poked at, and over the years growing up we decided it was easier NOT to care about things the same way anymore. Call it self preservation.

As we let go of our sensitive caring nature, what else did we lose with it?


Even though we gave away our power and stopped caring. someone else did care! What did ‘they’ do with your vote? Did they care from YOUR heart? And with YOUR Soul?

Every single time you say you don’t care about something – YOU ARE GIVING YOUR POWER AWAY!!! Just sayin’…. we came to this planet to care! What are you doing with your energy?


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4 thoughts on “Do You Care?

  1. timurzey says:

    Wow what a wonderful way of looking at ourselves. I completely understand what you are saying and am going to forever think twice when those words want squeeze through my clenched lips.

    When you don’t care you may think you are helping yourself avoid any perceived pain that is out there, but in turn have taken an opportunity away; From both yourself and whomever you may be affected with your words.

    When you say you don’t care what you are in essence doing is limiting your opportunity at growth as well as anything you may have learned about yourself and others. All of our thoughts and opinions are gifts.

    Very provocative post. You’ve made my mind race and my world expand a little more today!

    Love, Equanimity, Peace.

  2. timurzey says:

    Reblogged this on Believe in the Summit and commented:
    I read a short post today from a blogger I follow. It made me think in a way I haven’t done in a while. Considering all of the looking inward I have done in the past while, that says a lot.

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