Holy Shift!

When you experience big shifts in your life on any level, in essence many veils or illusions have been removed and you will then begin to perceive the world quite differently. Whenever this happens to me I have a tendency to become very introspective.


{Enter observer mode}

This has become quite a natural tendency for me at this point, knowing just how different life can be depending on how we choose to  witness our reality in each moment. Each time these shifts occur I tend to go over any of the key notes in my life, and re-view them again with new eyes. This is in essence a mode of conscious time travel. Every time you remember something you are actually time traveling to another time and space – to re-member, or re-join that experience again. We just do it so often that we take for granted how powerful this one act is! Memory is indeed a powerful tool. In re-viewing the important points in our lives, we are able to see a bigger picture of our own reality, and our role in it, thus enabling ourselves to make more responsible and uplifted choices. Without this we will not be able to allow ourselves to actually see the patterns and cycles that make up our world, playing out right before our very eyes. The further back into time that we take our memories to, the more of our personal freedom will be achieved. When we are able to comprehend the greater picture and then choose to share this vision with others, we are able to do better than any of our past experiences have allowed for, individually and collectively. Information is power. One way or another ~ our cycles and patterns repeat! These cycles and patterns are the foundation of each of our stories. What actually changes is us. Our thoughts, our choices, our actions and re-actions, and the overall responses we choose to foster. The blueprint stays the same, it is the use of our free will that changes the entire program. It is you that alters the outcome through your free will. You have the opportunity to consciously go back over your entire life to gather those blocked and dormant memories simply through re-observation of your own experiences and a simple change in perspective. By doing this you will live a more empowered life as the wheel continues to go around. You will begin to consciously create your Now moment through your own experiential wisdom!

When you are again empowered you will find that instead of re-acting the circumstances of your life, you will respond to create new and improved pathways to your highest Destiny – the uplifted version of your reality. If one thing shifts in your life enough for you to take notice, you can be sure that other aspects have shifted as well – it is always a quantum shift, involving many levels of reality. Notice them! Take the time to sit back and notice so that you can have an even greater honor for all of the experiences you have already had. Make the most of your shift so that you can take that Quantum Leap outside of your very own box of limitation.

The work is already done, it is now time to harvest from our own efforts. What gifts will you attain? What will you choose to notice? Ultimately, this is what you will choose to create.

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2 thoughts on “Holy Shift!

  1. Helen says:

    TY for this blog. It seems of late the remembering, reexamination, viewing with different eyes, the balancing of emotion and memories is a constant.

    • I guess for me right now more specifically, I have been working on taking the emotion OUT of the memories and seeing with objective eyes and hearing the deeper messages through my heart. I am finding just how much emotion serves to distort our memories. And emotion is fleeting soooo… where I have emotional (‘good’ or ‘bad’) memories, I am finding that I have distorted thought patterns. Emotion (Energy in motion) is a great tool, if you have it working FOR you, not against you, meaning is the emotion that you put out resisting you now? How do you know this? Well, if the emotion behind it was negative, mean you said NO to something, you created your own resistance. I am tying this together a bit with my last blog post https://interdimensionalgoddess.wordpress.com/2013/09/21/in-spirit-each-moment/

      On the other hand if you said a resounding YES to something, and you favored it, you will also be distorted in your thought patterns, and therefore your memories will be skewed until further examination. Our minds are powerful and we can convince ourselves that something is GOOD for us, when we know more deeply that it is not. I find our subjective emotion and personal attachments block us from a lot of truth…so I am pioneering new pathways to see reality in a completely new way other than that which I have already experienced. Getting off the merry go round 😉

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