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How The Family Got Lost in Time

Let’s say that time travel exists and is corroborated by the church. How could this be? Well, bear with me while I share a bit of symbolism with you. The ‘zero point’ for humanity was the inception of Christ Consciousness/Unity Consciousness into our world. And when this took place time was split into BC and AD – one aspect of time moves backwards from our perception (is this the true Dark Ages? Before light brought awareness? The ‘negative’ reality), and the other moves forward (The ‘positive’ reality). Therefore by mimicking the story and blueprint that was set up, you can only attain Christ Consciousness in the NOW, at your own personal zero point, with the past and the future as guideposts AKA the two thieves that were crucified on the left and right side of Jesus. Meet the duality of time – past and future – which can only be reconciled by being and acting in the Now. The proverbial eye of the storm.

numberlineIf you put BC and AD together, numerologically speaking, it would look like this:

23 + 14 = 2314

In our logical world a more natural expression would be ABCD=1234. But history has left a seed to show us that perhaps this linear and logical world is not such a straight line afterall. We can access different timelines or pull information from alternate timelines depending on the consciousness’ we merge with. This is the essence of the vesica piscis and why the symbol of the fish was so popular in Christianity. Why has our time and energy been split this way? Into opposing directions?  Of course this time program would have to be run in opposite directions so they never actually run into each other – unless you consciously overlap the dimensions, enabling yourself a new vision of reality and therefore a new landscape of time. I keep having the word ‘fission’ repeat in my head in regards to time being split into opposite directions…Not being scientifically focused in this particular arm of my journey, I will leave it at that and move along to what I am more familiar with.


Let’s look a bit further at some symbolism:

A=1 Father
B=2 Mother
C=3 Son
D=4 Daughter

23 + 14 = 2314 = 55


23 + 14 = 2314 = 10

When you take 23 (Mother/Son) and 14 (Father/Daughter) each together, both sets create a new energy of 5 – which represents freedom, regeneration, and just being outside of the box of our collective belief system. With each pair successfully merged together, they each create this 5 energy – combing these ingredients together once again, you either get a 10 (learning about a new beginning) or you achieve the 55 Master Number. Double the energy of the 5 as one is standing on their own two feet, rather than merging and getting lost in each other and becoming the 10 to learn more lessons about new beginnings and most importantly, lessons about self. This 55 Master Number is also known as the functioning consciousness of humanity to be more progressive. You can definitely see how the contrast in the dynamics of what we perceive to be ‘normal’, is not at all natural. In broken families, the mother most often ends up with custody and the bonding between the daughter and the father is severely limited and damaged, and consequently the wounded feminine has populated nearly our entire planet with wounded children that only know one side of our collective wounds now. Through bonded relationship with the parent of the opposite sex, children will learn to naturally have more loving and communicative relationships with themselves first and foremost. This then results in having more uplifted and benevolent relationships with everyone else too. When a child knows oneself through the contrast of the parent of the opposite sex, they will also truly know and be able to more adequately assist the piece of them that is the parent of the same sex, and vice versa.

Once the dynamics of the family are in order on both sides of the fence, and freedom is manifested, you can then go into the energy of the community (6) and serve. Until the dynamics of the family are well established and uplifted, going into the community would only create more lessons and yet more learning. It makes you wonder why the 666 is the antichrist – the undoing, or perhaps better stated, the unconscious wrong-doing of community through humanity and ‘good intention’ without wisdom. As ‘they’ said, ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’.

Our familial and ancestral connections are creating the blueprint for our entire lives, whether we are aware and conscious of them or not. Bottom line: if you are authentic you are free(5). And once you are authentically free, you will then impact and inspire true benevolence within the community(6); simply by being the change and expressing this truth. This must always start with the Law of Self and the closest true mirror you have (the parent of the opposite sex) is your path of least resistance. Then move onto those that are closest to you and work your way out into the community by creating your vesica piscis within your world, always starting with self and replicating the pattern outward. Once those bonds are established and you continue to enter further into community you will embark upon the geometry of the Flower of Life in your own personal blueprint of your reality. This is the essence of true community.

How will your story go when your life is back in flow? If this is the world you are creating outside of you, what is the reflection of the community within?



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The Sacred Heart


In a healing session yesterday I came to understand one of Jesus’ teachings more clearly. A clear Sacral and a clear Heart chakra = The Sacred Heart. The pattern being 24/6.


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The Rainbow Bridge Linking Heaven and Earth

There are so many different interpretations of…well…everything. My interpretation of the Rainbow Bridge would concern our chakra system. When achieve clarity within our seven chakras Creating this Human bridge to Consciousness, we are in our Ascending state. Once we have sufficiently cleared ourselves, we then move onto bridging Heaven and Earth together. We do this by turning our linear chakra system into its true form – a circle. When you connect chakra 7 and chakra 1 – you Create the energy of 8. Two wombs. Two Creative potentials. Manifestation. Pure connection of Heaven and Earth, through your own physical body. This reminds me of an orb, but would most accurately be described as your very own Light Body. Since we retain our Ego through this process we Create powerful and aligned transformation (1/8<9) on all 7 Levels of Creation.


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The Rise of ‘The Beast’ or The Divine Feminine?

The Divine Feminine is represented by Istanbul, Turkey (Da’ath on the Tree of Life)


This June we have THREE dates with the energy of 666 that move into a 999 spiral (this is not something necessarily ‘common’ to occur in any given year…I wrote about this in a previous post as well..). Is this perhaps Prophecy coming to fruition? Your interpretation of it depends on where one is standing and perceiving from. The Patriarch would consider the Feminine ‘the beast’, and considering Instanbul represents this energy on Earth (according to the Arcturian Crystal Healing Tree of Life), with the 666’s (representing the sign of the beast? or is it Adam Kadmon? or the Feminine?) coming up this month (June). With the first triple six spiral being June 6, 2013, the timing for these riots is nothing short of ‘interesting’ to me. I practice Mystical Numerology and I am half Turkish, making this significantly more interesting, and personal to me. 666 represents guilt/shame/doing things for the wrong reasons (not for the reasons of the heart..); 999 represents completion; transformation through humanity in a LARGE way. Keep in mind the three key days in June: are June 6, June 15, and June 24. Here is a link to the previous post about June 2013


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The Oversoul, The Soul and The Ego

I am looking through my info for the Website I am creating (and launching it June 6, 2013!), reading through the 7 Hermetic Axioms/7 Universal Principles (1. Mentalism 2. Correspondence 3. Vibration 4. Polarity 5. Rhythm 6, Causation 7. Gender) thus far. Having been totally focused on and immersed in this Sacred Knowledge for the past couple of months now, it really begins to have a deeper contextual meaning, having more actual hands on experience with the Laws at play. At one point I was guided to incorporate the Correspondence of the 7 Principles to the Chakras (1. Root 2. Sacral 3. Solar Plexus 4. Heart 5. Throat 6. Third Eye 7. Crown) and as I am reading through and editing, I am realizing that when we stop and reflect on the deeper aspects of our present Collective Reality, the Correspondences don’t necessarily always work as the Universal Laws and Principles dictate on some truly fundamental levels. As I usually do when something doesn’t make sense to me ~ I asked ~ WHY?! There is one apparent distortion I would like to bring into awareness, and hopefully into discussion, if anyone will contribute.

1) The Principle of Mentalism is always depicted as Number 1, however I would most accurately associate Mentalism with the (7)Crown chakra, rather than with the (1)Root chakra, concerning our Physical Reality.

2) The Principle of Gender is always depicted as Number 7, however I would more accurately associate Gender with the (1)Root chakra, rather than with (7)Crown chakra, concerning our Physical Reality.

3) Am I too off track in proposing that the Mother is the Father and the Father is the Mother?..or perhaps it is the Sun is the Father and the Father is the Son..? at the very least the specific Principles and their representation of them in this Physical Reality.

4) When did this happen? How? Did this happen when the poles flipped?

5) Is this why the (7)Crown chakra is often depicted as purple..having red Root chakra energy in it?

This is what I am inspired to lay out as I am putting my quandaries into words.


*Notice this is the De-cension from Source into Matter


*Notice 8 is turned sideways into Eternity



*Notice 7 is turned upside down into an L cove
*1 is actually flipped as well, but it makes no observable difference

The Oversoul, the Soul and the Ego are representative of the Father, Mother, and Child, respectively. The Divine Trinity that we all embody within our own Selves.


*Notice the broken Zonar symbol made up of 3 Elements
*Can serve as a bridge between the Soul and the Ego

Speaking of the Zonar symbol, this is something I have seen for a very long time now. As far back as I can remember I was doodling it. And for the last handful of years I have readily been asking ‘why’ and ‘what does it mean’ to anyone that I imagined could have the slightest hint to give me about it. As time goes by I learn deeper and deeper meanings for everything that I am given, and of course, this all happens within the Alchemy of Self. The Zonar transmutes Karma, it appears to be a bi-pass for the Soul stuck in perpetually repeating patterns. For a long time now, (especially since this was a symbol I was given as a child by ‘guides’ or intuition) I have been utilizing this symbol whenever I have been involved in healing work. This does not mean that the Soul loses it lessons or experiences, however it may allow one to have a clearer and higher view of reality that would allow one to make better and more benevolent choices for Self…which IS the point.

In the following charts I Created you will see that the Oversoul and the Soul are both maneuvering in the same direction, while the Ego is flowing in the opposite direction.




*Notice Decension of the Monad into Matter (+fractal = +mastery/experience)
*Notice Ascension of the Ego into Spirit



*Notice that the Co-Creation between the Soul and the Ego on any level = 8; upper and lower Correspondences being the mirror image of each other


*Notice the ideal is to blend the Trinity within harmonically to include the full range of expression; including Mastery

So, now that I have even more questions (look what happened to writing down a single little thought!) ~ charts anyone? Lol.. I will be going to sleep…again, if anyone has any discourse on this topic I would be VERY appreciative for it!



Just now I am viewing a video by Makalesi that I was guided to and she is speaking of Art. This specific picture depicts some of what I was decoding previously concerning the 3 different cycles co-existing (the charts previously posted in this post ie: Oversoul, Soul, and Ego Cycles..) In this picture it depicts the Upper World, the Middle World, and the Lower World together, the Trinity of the 3 worlds in One…


Here is the (very enlightening) video from Makalesi that I took the screen shot from:

Alchemy 101: Decoding The Arts

RE-MEMBER – a picture is worth a thousand words!…that’s many ideas put into ONE zip file of information! As I am learning, it is soooo important to write it out and allow the layers to truly unfold for greater depth and breadth of experience and understanding.


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666 in 2013

It is not in every year that we have a day representing the energy of the pattern 666. Not only do we have one of those days this year, we have three days that will represent this energy in the month of June 2013.


Not believing in good or bad per se, I know this will be an enormous bundle of energy that most of humanity will (consciously or subconsciously) reject based on the pretense that it is ‘bad’, or ‘cursed’, or ‘evil’, or related to any other dogma alive in our collective consciousness. I am putting it out there to the Universe that I will be a channel for all of the rejected energy and will direct it towards the greatest good of all as I utilize it to reach my own full positive potential. ENERGY JUST IS. I will take all that I can receive in order to accomplish my tasks in the Divine Plan, and I am hoping to inspire others to open their minds and hearts to realize that ALL energy is sacred, and therefore, a gift. It is how we interpret it and then use it, that makes it ‘bad or good’, ‘black or white’. If you have integrity there is no-thing to fear! Ever. The fact we do not explore these taboos and choose to leave them untapped and unmapped in our consciousness allows others to continue creating illusions based on fear and control in our ignorance. Once we understand energy more closely, we may begin harnessing it to empower ourselves into reaching more benevolent outcomes than we have ever previously experienced. This is how we will take our power back and become the bridge to bring more and more of Heaven to Earth.


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The Egg

“The Egg was incorporated as a sacred sign or symbol in the cosmogony of every people on the earth, and was revered for both its form and its inner mystery. From the earliest mental conceptions of man, it was known as that which represents most successfully the origin and secret of being.”

What if within the egg this trinity is found?


Past = Shell

Future = Egg White

Now = Yolk

As the linked article expresses, the Egg is a sacred symbol for the Earth. This allows us to derive a lot of possibilities from this one equation. One relative assumption is that we humans living on the earth, are living in the Past (since we live on the outer crust of the Earth, the outermost ‘shell’). Only through getting into the Now, the yolk of our experience and the proverbial eye of the storm, will we affect gravity. Gravity is magnetic, and so is Love…more “Now’ = more “Love”, which would affect monadic outcomes benevolently on a whole.

“The Soul of the World is the ALL. From Gods to men, from Worlds to atoms, from a star to a rush-light, from the sun to the vital heat of the meanest organic being — the world of Form and Existence is an immense chain, whose links are all connected.”

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Concepts of Energy – Time and Money


As we have been taught that Time = Money, could we also say that the more Money you have, the more Time you have? If that is true, and you had more Time, how would you be able to experience all of that ‘extra’ Time? Could we conclude that your experience of Time would be faster..? So that you could accommodate more experience(s) through the same amount of Space?

The Universal law of Cause and Effect states that for every effect there is a definite cause, whilst at the same time it is accurate that for every cause, there is a definite effect. What happens when we offer bailouts and create yet more Money? What is the effect that it has on our collective experience of Time?

And what if we became self responsible, self aware and less reliant on Monetary notes? Does living a self sustaining life in harmony with the Earth truly cancel out the need for Time as we have known it?


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The Stargate in Your Heart


Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations ‘out there’. All that you need you already have within!!! Anyone selling you any other keys is a distraction from the wholeness of TRUTH. This may be exactly what some people came here to experience in different moments of time, however why waste your linear time getting a piece of the pie when the whole pie is waiting to be discovered within? Your heart is THE WAY. We have ALL done this before!! NONE of the is new. Allow yourself the Sacred Space to open the keys that are built into your heart ~ collapse the illusion of timelines and linear reality because in true REAL-ity it is all happening NOW! There is NO separation outside of illusion. 26 000 years is a long time to endlessly repeat the program and adopted scripts to gain the experience required to lead to our eventual quantum leap in evolution ~ which is this NOW moment.

The shortcut IS the heart, where wholeness is easily integrated because our Souls re-member everything and embrace ALL aspects of Creation as ONE! On the level of the Soul there is NO JUDGMENT. All just IS. The ego AND the Soul are ONE being! It is the mental construct (ancestral belief system) of the ego that is in denial of the greatness of all that it is ~ you must really allow yourself to FEEL, rather than ‘think’, to make it through your own self-made walls and veils of illusion. It is time to wake up all of the dormant pieces within which allow us to truly experience peace and bliss. This is the way we bridge Heaven and Earth. We still have 2000 years of linear time to achieve this through repeated incarnations. We most certainly do not have to wait that long to die to the ego and resurrect the Soul in our physical form, nor take on that many bodies to accomplish this task.


You create a powerful and eternal magnetic field from the Sacred Space in your heart so that you are constantly and consistently THE point of benevolent attraction. How do you do this? By being authentic and living in your truth in each and every moment. You will not create or perpetuate any veils over your eyes via your heart if you are always speaking FROM your heart in truth and authenticity. In doing this you will not attract any new lessons, because in the very same moment of true resolution you are simultaneously cleaning up your old lessons out of the feedback system of 3D Earth!

To break through the stronghold of the overnourished mind/ego to free yourself from 4D astral constructs (archaic and dogmatic beliefs, faulty structures and foundations, dualistic dreams/nightmares, etc) ~ GO WITHIN! Find and embrace ALL that is YOU! Integrate the duality within your mind to create the ONE-ness within yourself. Release your veils through making new and uplifted choices, eliminate your habits and addictions, stay focused and distraction free, and then ALL-ways act out of the joy that is found radiating from your heart. Your veils are your wounds. Heal them and heal your world. The REALness of you is where it’s at!



Authentic….True….You. This is the Ascension in physical form. No teachers with human egos are required once you are truly living and responding from your heart – unless you deem it so. YOU are your own guru, your Soul is your compass, the Universe is your Divine blueprint, and your heart is the Stargate where all of the action takes place! 5D all the way baby! Unity consciousness in effect.


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