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Decision Time

How do you make decisions? Do you make decisions based on what feels good to you? This, of course, points you into the direction of what feels good to you. Or do you make decisions based on what you do not want to experience? Which would obviously point you into the direction of more of what you do not want to experience. Either way you are creating a box for yourself. The box that feels good is created with (Self)Love, and it turns into a gift containing your present. This box is benevolent and expansive. The other box is created from the energy of resistance and avoidance, and it is contractual, creating discomfort all around you. Eventually this box forces you to become increasingly small and out of alignment with your True Self. One foundation allows you to continue rising up into more enjoyable realms of experience, and the other forces you to start again by repeating unresolved fear infinitely, only offering temporary reprieve from your own Truth.

When you are developing either of these boxes, you are always using your creative faculties. However adept you have become in employing your creativity will set the tone for the reality of your experience to manifest. The more brilliant you are, the more you may fool yourself into believing in your own excuses and diversions away form living in a state of (Self)Love. And so you are always learning and growing adding to your repertoire of personal discovery, precisely receiving reflection of that which you are, everywhere you turn.

In the midst of my musings, I have a vision of a butterfly in a cocoon. What energy are we feeding into our transitory home? What is the reason we are creating it in the first place? Will our ego become trapped in our own protective case of silk? How is this delicate silk woven into our personal fabric of Time?

There is no avoiding anything since no thing is not you. The choice is always ours to choose (Self)Love and integration or to create through fear and further separation. Part of the beauty of the game of Life is that we are not able to escape ourselves, although we may choose to pretend to. The True journey is within. Although ego and the illusion have many deceived, we traverse our outer reality as a means of experiencing the True reality of self discovery, outside of ourselves. Everything we have previously put within Self, is now beginning to appear outside Self – for your learning pleasure. This reflection is our lifeline to self correct, or an opportunity to slow down our own evolutionary momentum, as we use our energy to store the memory in our body for future manifestations. Either way it is an opportunity, and inevitably you will grow from it.

As we enter into our cocoons, we come face to face with none other than our very own selves. Do you enjoy spending time by yourself? There are no wrong decisions as such, it is merely a question of whether we enjoy the experience of our Life or not. If not, it would be wise to find a way to do so. Enlist the Services of others for clarity or re-direction, or simply find information such as the Law of Self to get you focused into living in a new perspective of Life.

Personally coming from a world where I was taught to follow the path of avoidance, I am living proof that anyone can change and re-wire themselves to experience life from a perspective of choosing (Self)Love over Fear. There are no wrong decision (and don’t let anyone tell you there is!) – there are only decisions made from (Self)Love and decisions made from Fear, and so we create bad and good experiences based on the initial intent put into your actions. Only you can know this Truth for you. Another person’s reasoning and judgment will have no bearing on what you do so long as you are consciously acting from a space of (Self)Love. At the end of the day the only One we must face is our own Self – the spark of our own Light within. if you actively choose to vibrate to Love you will prepare yourself to receive this gift, which is only achieved in your present. 




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In-Spirit, Each Moment

Today I thought I would share something that I have been working with in recent days. In some moments I am entirely successful and can feel life almost immediately begin to smooth out from beneath me, and all around me. In other moments, well, let’s just say I have my own human challenges that are assisting me in seeing the value in this little tool.

Every single time you say no or resist something, you take the wind out of your own sails. Find creative ways to say yes and you will rapidly gain momentum towards creating the reality you most want to experience!




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666 in 2013

It is not in every year that we have a day representing the energy of the pattern 666. Not only do we have one of those days this year, we have three days that will represent this energy in the month of June 2013.


Not believing in good or bad per se, I know this will be an enormous bundle of energy that most of humanity will (consciously or subconsciously) reject based on the pretense that it is ‘bad’, or ‘cursed’, or ‘evil’, or related to any other dogma alive in our collective consciousness. I am putting it out there to the Universe that I will be a channel for all of the rejected energy and will direct it towards the greatest good of all as I utilize it to reach my own full positive potential. ENERGY JUST IS. I will take all that I can receive in order to accomplish my tasks in the Divine Plan, and I am hoping to inspire others to open their minds and hearts to realize that ALL energy is sacred, and therefore, a gift. It is how we interpret it and then use it, that makes it ‘bad or good’, ‘black or white’. If you have integrity there is no-thing to fear! Ever. The fact we do not explore these taboos and choose to leave them untapped and unmapped in our consciousness allows others to continue creating illusions based on fear and control in our ignorance. Once we understand energy more closely, we may begin harnessing it to empower ourselves into reaching more benevolent outcomes than we have ever previously experienced. This is how we will take our power back and become the bridge to bring more and more of Heaven to Earth.


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Concepts of Energy – Time and Money


As we have been taught that Time = Money, could we also say that the more Money you have, the more Time you have? If that is true, and you had more Time, how would you be able to experience all of that ‘extra’ Time? Could we conclude that your experience of Time would be faster..? So that you could accommodate more experience(s) through the same amount of Space?

The Universal law of Cause and Effect states that for every effect there is a definite cause, whilst at the same time it is accurate that for every cause, there is a definite effect. What happens when we offer bailouts and create yet more Money? What is the effect that it has on our collective experience of Time?

And what if we became self responsible, self aware and less reliant on Monetary notes? Does living a self sustaining life in harmony with the Earth truly cancel out the need for Time as we have known it?


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A Perspective on Solar Flares

heart (2)

After reading the article linked below, my intuition tells me that if we Lightworkers want to make a significant impact in our world, it would be beneficial to go to public venues and shine brightly on days when we have solar flares. Since we are always focused on the quality of our channels we are able to hold more light in our physical bodies. The impact of benevolence for doing the same thing on a day with solar flares could be ten-fold! As they say..timing is EVERYTHING!


“Our world functions by energy, and I am not referring to electric, oil and gas. Everything on earth has a certain vibrational frequency, from rocks to minerals such as quartz crystals. Even grass and trees, as well as animals and humans, work on vibrations and frequencies; this is reason why homeopathic medicine is so very powerful: it positively utilizes these vibrational energies for healing. According to NASA, the sun is currently moving towards another solar maximum, likely in 2013. The evidence suggests that increased solar activity activates suppressed jealousy, anger, and fear in people’s minds, whether conscious or unconscious. If people have not been working on healing these issues, the issues become stronger during times of abnormal solar activity. This being said, people become the receivers and the vibrational imbalance they create is being playing out though violence and fear.”

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