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Word Play

All-ways Remember:



What you describe with words is only a fraction of what you are actually revealing. Consciously, you may say one thing with your ego – but look deeper and see what clues you are unconsciously leaving for yourself in the midst of your myopic ego focus.

Living life more deeply in this way will increase the quality of your life since you are gaining more depth and meaning out of every single thing you experience.


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A Tip For Manifesting Benevolently

WE ARE MANIFESTING IN EACH MOMENT. What is it you are manifesting in your life right now?

Are you bitter? Angry? Sad? Scared? Lost? As long as you hold onto it and the story behind it, you will not only live it, but repeat it – perpetually. Is this happening to you? In every moment we are planting our very own seeds of future experience. Shift yourself to experience something new. Re-member – what you resist, persists!


Let Go. Be Light-er. Re-focus on something that brings you joy and go in that direction.

If you feel you can’t let go of what is negative, you are missing The Gift. You will continually punish yourself by holding onto and repeating that which does not feel good to you. Stay with it until you see the Light. If you require assistance, enlist what resonates in that specific moment.

I will expand upon this idea further in the next installment that is titledThe Child Within.

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