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Numerology for November 20, 2013

11 20 2013 – such an interesting day for my world to shift so much! I don’t need to necessarily say what it means – you can look at the pattern and see the synchronicity and if you gave yourself a moment to actually tune into it – you would most definitely FEEL the resonance of the movement and in the flow of the energy this day holds. The final opportunity to learn these lessons regarding the Feminine before the end of this year is Now until the end of this month!
shifthappens (2)

In the midst of the 11/2 (illumination and partnership) and the 13/4(self expression and beliefs or structures), we even have 20/20 vision! The veils between within and without are thin! 20 also represents lessons and also potential regarding the Feminine and partnerships. Pay attention to what rises and to what falls in your world today! What is it you are seeing with your physical eyes? What is your physical world/feedback system telling you today? Did you align correctly? Is it in flow? What is bringing itself to your awareness today? Is it one thing? Or many things? Weed out the Karma and plant the Dharma!!! What is the Law of Reflection telling you today? What do you still need to work on/ And what have you outgrown but still not detached from? Intend to learn outstanding lessons concerning self, partnership and manifestation.

And so it is.


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Stuck? Change ONE Thing!

It’s funny how if we let them, things change over the years. Enjoying the contrast and the dichotomy of who we are now, is even more interesting. As an example of this, in school they taught me to use numbers in Math class, and to use words to tell stories in English class. Of course, I still do this when the necessity arises, however, because of this foundation, I have been able to expand upon my world in ways I would have not really imagined possible way back then in elementary school.

Now I use numbers to tell stories through Mystical Numerology, and I use words with the math I learned back in school! How backwards! But not really. It actually creates a much more whole picture to be able to access Truth in each living moment. My daughter is fascinated by this work I do, and especially with this very magical thing I do with numbers, however for now I have had to deny her request to learn my craft while she creates her own solid foundations in school. There will be a time for all of that! For now, I will share with you!

The solutions we utilize for ourselves in our healing processes do not have to be grandeur by any means. In fact, in my own world, I would say the more accessible it is for everyone to use and easily apply to their lives, the more of a miracle it becomes! Simplicity is where it’s at! Here I would like to share something very basic that came to me to show me just how easy it is to heal ourselves, and our lives. Easy as 1, 2, 3 as some would say! And once you start paying attention to the changes you make and noticing the impact it has on your life, you will want to change much more than ONE thing – guaranteed!

*If you change just ONE of these your life will naturally add up differently!*

Your Perspectives + Your Patterns + Your Cycles = Your Life



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The Rise of ‘The Beast’ or The Divine Feminine?

The Divine Feminine is represented by Istanbul, Turkey (Da’ath on the Tree of Life)


This June we have THREE dates with the energy of 666 that move into a 999 spiral (this is not something necessarily ‘common’ to occur in any given year…I wrote about this in a previous post as well..). Is this perhaps Prophecy coming to fruition? Your interpretation of it depends on where one is standing and perceiving from. The Patriarch would consider the Feminine ‘the beast’, and considering Instanbul represents this energy on Earth (according to the Arcturian Crystal Healing Tree of Life), with the 666’s (representing the sign of the beast? or is it Adam Kadmon? or the Feminine?) coming up this month (June). With the first triple six spiral being June 6, 2013, the timing for these riots is nothing short of ‘interesting’ to me. I practice Mystical Numerology and I am half Turkish, making this significantly more interesting, and personal to me. 666 represents guilt/shame/doing things for the wrong reasons (not for the reasons of the heart..); 999 represents completion; transformation through humanity in a LARGE way. Keep in mind the three key days in June: are June 6, June 15, and June 24. Here is a link to the previous post about June 2013 https://interdimensionalgoddess.wordpress.com/2013/05/04/666-in-2013/


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